WOPA cattle crushes are designed for safer faster hoof care.

The WOPA Cattle Crush increases safety and efficiency whenever a cow needs to be treated individually. Using advanced techniques and high quality materials, a durable yet affordable product has been developed which will help minimise the cost of your lame cattle.

Every model of the WOPA Cattle Crush is completely hot-dip galvanised and built extra sturdy for a long working life, with minimal maintenance required.

WOPA Trailer Crush (SA35)
Designed to be safely transported over long distances. Can be easily converted from working position to transport position and back. It is equipped with a dura-torque suspension axle, heavy duty drawbar and a lights and licence plate board.

WOPA Hydraulic Crush (SA51)
Designed for the professional hoof trimmer. This crush is fully hydraulically operated, allowiong treatment of large numbers of cows faster and with minimal physical effort. It comes standard with an accumulator which enables the hydraulic system to operate quickly whilst only requiring a 240V power supply.